Liberty Explorer EX23 30 Minute Fire Safe Review

Liberty Explorer EX23 Gun SafeWhether you are a gun collector, or simply want to keep your firearms safe, the best way to accomplish this is to invest in a best gun safe. Like any other product on the market no two safes are exactly the same. One of the top manufacturers in the United States of gun safes is the Liberty company. Liberty began making safes in 1988 out of three storage units, producing only six safes a day. Now, Liberty produces 250 safes in one day, making it one of the largest safe companies in North America.

Design – 5/5 Rating

The Liberty Explorer EX23 has a very solid and functional interior design. Liberty has design the interior with their “3-in-1 Flex” concept. The “3-in-1 Flex” provides adjustable shelving and shelving covers which allows a gun safe owner the ability to configure the interior in a manner that best fits their need. The three different ways are classified as Sportsman, EZ-Access, and Collector.

The Sportsman interior design provides the owner to remove the adjustable shelving from the left side of the gun safe to allow slot for long gun storage. The slots allow you to store multiple long guns in each row in order to maximize the space provided Along the right side as well as the upper area of the safe are rows of shelving to provide storage for handguns, ammo, accessories, and any other valuables that you may have. This setup would be ideal if you wanted more long gun storage than “accessory storage”, but still wanted to be able to have both inside the same gun safe.

Unlike the Sportsman setup, the Flex EZ-Access provides open accessible long gun storage on the right hand side of the safe with barrel rests located around the interior of the safe. This setup provides easy access to your long guns, but you do not maximize the interior space for long guns instead receiving easier access to all of your firearms. Along the left side, you have 4 shelves to store any valuables or gun accessories that you may have, and at the top there is an additional shelf for smaller items such as scopes. This option would be ideal if you wanted quicker access to your firearms instead of the additional space.

You’re final option is the Collector. If you’re a gun collector and you need to use the full 25 long gun capacity of the safe, then you will definitely want to go with this setup. All of the shelving is removed from both the left and ride side of the safe interior to provide maximum long gun storage capacity. Although all of the lower shelving is removed, you still have the upper shelf if you wanted to storage a handgun rack for pistols, or some boxes of ammo.

Along with the flexible design, the safe interior is completely upholstered with grey fabric ensuring that your guns do not get scratched.

Not only does the safe provide versatile storage options, but the dimensions allow for the ability to store the safe in most homes and apartments. At under 500 pounds, unlike many other high end safes, the Liberty Explorer EX23 can be moved much easier and fit in more confined spaces such as closets.


  • Interior: 57.5″H x 27.5″W x 16″D
  • Exterior: 59.25″H x 30″W x 25″D
  • Weight: 485 lbs

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