How to Negotiate Salary

Knowing how to properly negotiate salary is a key component in the job hunting process. Without having the necessary negotiation skills you could very well end up taking a job for less than you think it is worth. Some people will accept a potential employers salary offer right away thinking that it might be best to work their way up the company ladder and slowly increase their salary. This may be true with some positions but if you never try to negotiate how will you know what type of additional salary you might have missed out on?

First things first, do your due diligence by researching the average salary for the position you are applying for. If this involves your long-term career I am sure this is something that you have already done. Even you are going for a customer service position, knowing the average salary or pay gives you much more insight for what kind of salary an employer might actually consider. Check ourĀ 7th pay commission salary calculator in excel.

You also want to know what you are personally worth to them. Employers usually base salary on experience or credentials. There are salary calculation websites on the web that can sometimes give you a close estimate for what you are worth. Do not trust the websites entirely but keep them in mind. If you are looking for more accurate salary estimates you may want to search out industry specific websites or forums. By joining a forum you can sometimes consersate with and ask actual employees in your same industry what kind of salary you should expect from the position. You would be surprised how helpful people can be, especially when you have something like a career or job choice in common. We have made a pension calculator here NPS Calculator.

Once you have done all of the above you should have a good idea of what you are worth or should be earning. The actual salary negotiation process can seem stressful but remember that you are still just dealing with regular people, they drive to work and enjoy watching TV just like you do. Typically you will not need to get into salary negotiation at the very first meeting. Most employers will perform a general interview to find the top candidates and then setup a follow up with them. Either way, remaining calm and patient during your meeting(s) is very important.

One technique to play slightly hard to get. When asked what type of salary you are looking for you can respond by saying that it depends on benefits, job duties, and so forth. By doing this is you prompting the employer to go a little further into detail about the position and at the same time showing them you that you pay attention to detail. During the conversation If they still do not arrive at an actual offer you can try giving them the range that you found in your earlier salary research. Hopefully this will prompt them to make an offer. You have finally arrived at a point of negotiating your salary. Honestly, it is almost like buying a car. Once you receive your offer from the employer you can choose to sleep on it. This will make them aware that you may be looking for more or that you already have other opportunities lined up. In the end, doing this can sometimes lead to an employer to actually increasing your offer in the following days when they begin to get concerned about losing you.

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